At slightest 400 Pakistanis were on the vessel when it capsized.

At slightest 298 Pakistani nationals were murdered when an angling pontoon, carrying about 700 transients, sank close to the Peloponnese promontory off the Greece coast on June 14, a report said. At slightest 400 Pakistanis were on the vessel when it capsized.

At slightest 400 Pakistanis were on board an outcast vessel that sank off Greece on June 14 and out of them as it were 12 survived. A report has directly highlighted how Pakistanis were singled out and obliged underneath deck where their chances of surviving a capsize were less.

There were as it was 78 survivors in the Greece pontoon catastrophe and about 500 are still dreaded lost. Out of the 78, as it were 12 are from Pakistan, concurring with Pakistan’s outside issues service.

The Gatekeeper, based on spilled declarations by survivors to Greek coastguard authorities, detailed that Pakistanis were constrained underneath the deck, whereas others were permitted on the beat deck, where they had a distant more noteworthy chance of surviving a capsize. The Pakistanis were abused by the pontoon team when they quickly looked for new water or a way to elude, the report said.

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