Is the Imam of our mosque a thief

Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?

In a remote African country, a poignant tale unfolds, casting light on the sanctity of trust and the depth of faith. It revolves around a Hafiz-e-Quran, an esteemed scholar of Shariat, invited for Iftar by a devout follower. However, suspicion arises when money goes missing from the host’s home, leading to a questioning of the scholar’s integrity. What transpires reveals not only the essence of forgiveness but also the lamentable state of religious observance.

In a country of Africa,

Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?

a man was a Hafiz-e-Quran and a scholar of Shariat.
For this reason, a Muqtadi invited them to his house for Iftar in the month of Ramadan.
Aalim Ji accepted the invitation.
And at the time of Iftar, they reached the house of this Muqtadi,
And there they received a wonderful welcome.
After breaking the fast, the scholar in favor of the host
prayed and went back,
Muqtadi’s wife, after the departure of the scholar,
Cleaned the guest house.
So She remembered,
She kept some money in the guest house.
But despite a lot of searching, that money was not found by this woman.
And she asked her husband,
Did you take that money?
The husband replied: No,
And then she told this to her husband
No other person came to our house except the guest
And our baby was in the other room,
And such a small child living in a cradle can’t steal.

Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?
Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?

Ultimately both concluded that:
That money has been stolen by the guest
And considering this, there was no conclusion to the outrage of the have,
How can it be that we
Invited to your home with such respect and honor,
And they did it wrong,
This person should have been a role model for the nation.
Not a thief, Despite his anger, the man
He hid this out of modesty.
But in the meantime, he started to stay away from the scholars of religion
So that you don’t have to pray for peace,
In the same way, the year passed and then Ramadan came.
And people again with the same special love and enthusiasm
Scholars started inviting them to their homes for Iftar
The man said to his wife:

What should we do?

Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?

Call Maulana Sahib home or not?
The wife said: You should call.
Because it is possible under duress
They have raised that amount,
We forgive them so that Allah will also forgive them
forgive our sins,
Then this person to Maulana Sahib
Invited to his home for Iftar with the same honor and respect,
And when they finished breaking the fast etc
So the host said to the guest:
Sir, you will be interested that throughout the year
Has my attitude towards you changed?
The scholar replied:
However due to my busy schedule,
Couldn’t find out why from you.
The host said Qibla! I have a question
And I hope you will answer it clearly,
Last year in Ramadan, my wife
had kept some money in the guest house,
And then she forgot to take the money,
And despite finding you after you’re gone
We didn’t get that money.

What money did you take?

Is the Imam of our mosque a thief?

The scholar said: Yes, I took it.
The host was shocked,
And Aalim Ji continued his speech and said:
When I left the guest house,
I saw money kept on the counter.
Because the wind was blowing,
And the notes were flying around in the wind,
So I collected those notes,
And I put that money under the floor or somewhere else
couldn’t keep that,
Otherwise, you won’t be able to find that money.
and get upset,
The scholar then shook his head vigorously.
and began to cry aloud,
And then addressing the host said:
I’m not crying because,
You accused me of stealing.
It is very painful though
I’m crying because,
365 days have passed,
And who among you read the Holy Qur’an?
Not even a single page has been read.
And if you had opened the Qur’an once and looked at it
So you would have found money kept in the Qur’an.
Hearing this, the host got up very quickly and brought the Holy Quran.
and quickly opened,
And its full amount is seen in the Holy Qur’an.


The narrative resonates with a powerful lesson on perception, forgiveness, and the essence of true faith. It underscores the importance of humility, introspection, and adherence to the teachings of the Holy Quran. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder of the transformative power of forgiveness and the need for spiritual awakening.

Was the scholar accused of theft?
  • Yes, initially, the host suspected the scholar of stealing money that went missing from his house.
How did the scholar respond to the accusation?
  • The scholar acknowledged taking the money but explained that he placed it within the pages of the Holy Quran to prevent it from being lost.
Why did the scholar cry despite being accused wrongly?
  • The scholar’s tears stemmed not from being accused of theft but from the realization that neither he nor the host had engaged with the Quran throughout the year.
What did the incident reveal about the host and the scholar?
  • It highlighted the host’s lack of trust and the scholar’s humility and integrity, as well as the neglect of Quranic teachings by both parties.
What lesson can be gleaned from the story?
  • The story emphasizes the importance of trust, forgiveness, and regular engagement with the Quran as foundational aspects of genuine faith and righteousness.

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