12 terrorists killed as army repels TTP attack in Chitral.

An expansive gathering of oppressors prepared with the most recent weapons assaulted two Pakistani military posts found closer to Pakistan Afghanistan border in the common zone Kalash of locale Chitral.

The brave troopers of Pakistan Equipped Strengths battled bravely and repelled the assaults delivering overwhelming casualties to the fear-based oppressors.
in the fire exchange, 12 terrorists were killed, and a large number have been critically injured.

However, during the exchange of fire, four brave soldiers embraced Shahadat, and many soldiers sustained injuries. In any case, amid the strong trade of fire, four courageous troopers, having battled chivalrously, grasped Shahadat and numerous soldiers’ maintained wounds.

The ISPR chief commonly said that sanitization of the region is being carried out to dispose of any other psychological militants found within the range.

Security powers of Pakistan have decided to dispose of the threat of psychological warfare and such penances of our troopers advance reinforce our resolve.

Chitral individuals are back Armed forces.

The courageous individuals of Chitral too stand solidly with the security strengths in not permitting the fear-based oppressors to demolish the peace of the range.

Between times Afghan Government is anticipated to fulfill its commitments and deny the utilization of Afghan soil by fear mongers for sustaining acts of fear-based oppression against Pakistan.

As per media reports, the Agent Commissioner of the Lower Chitral locale in a media articulation, said the assaults took put on two posts of Chitral Scouts in Ostai and Jinjiret Koh zones of Lower Chitral.


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