Studying the Sun After Chandrayaan 3, India’s ‘Aditya L One’ mission heads towards the Sun

The Aditya L-One mission is designed to probe the properties of the Sun, officials said.
After successfully landing on the South Pole of the Moon, India now plans to study the Sun more closely and for this purpose, India’s first solar mission ‘Aditya L One’ left for the Sun on Saturday.
According to Indian media, the Aditya L-1 mission has started its 125-day journey to get close to the Sun and observe it in detail. The mission took off from Sriharikota in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh at 11:50 PM local time on Saturday.

The Aditya L1 mission is designed to probe the properties of the Sun, after launch the satellite will take 125 days to reach a specific location called L1 (Lagregion Point). The Lagrange point is the point between the Earth and the Sun from where the Sun can be seen without eclipses or obstructions of any kind.

The major objectives of India’s solar mission are to understand the energy and temperature emitted by the Sun, to study the Sun’s corona (outer layer a few thousand kilometers above the Sun), solar wind, solar atmosphere, etc.
If India succeeds in sending this mission, it will become the fourth country in the world to send a satellite to the Sun. Before India, the USA, Russia, and the European Space Agency sent their missions for this kind of research.

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