Fifteen rules for teenagers rearing at home.


Teenagers require parents to give a large number of commands and instructions that everyone forgets the next day. Problems with raising children include an abundance of advice, overlapping instructions, and a lack of clear rules. Because of this, fathers and mothers forget them, ignore them, or fall into them later. To make my instructions a clear and concise reference for myself and my family members, I decided sixty years ago to write them down, hang them in my children’s rooms, and revise them from time to time.

Another aspect.

Just a few days ago I saw Umm Hassam standing in front of the paper in Russell and Maya’s room and she smiled and said: I wish you would publish this as an article. So that other parents like us can benefit! I thought that would work for you, and it wasn’t a shocking proposal at all. It’s a concept so that each family can make their possess list, include to it, or alter it to fit their needs. I opened the same address and hung the following instructions in the bedroom.

  • Do not raise your voice or speak angrily to siblings or employees.
  • Parental guidance is normal and normal and does not mean chasing, making mistakes, or hating you.
  • It is important to always repeat the word (present) for the request (and apology) when everyone makes a mistake (and thank you).
  • You must realize that academic excellence is a matter that concerns you alone. It is not the concern of your parents or anybody else.
  • Although they don’t, educational credentials do indicate success in life. Constantly develop yourself and improve your skills.
  • Life is full of trials and beautiful things, but that’s all. It doesn’t come without hard work, fatigue, and a lot of money!
  • He who works in our house is a person like us. He also has respect and self-esteem.
  • It is taboo to require a computer or phone into the room (or turn it on with the TV while examining).
  • It is taboo to stay up afterward than ten o’clock at night on school days, and everybody gets up autonomously
  • Natural. Eat a solid, natural slim down and get ready for the larger part of your suppers at domestic.
  • Eating or carrying nourishment exterior is in this manner denied, with the special case of once per week.
  • Eating or carrying food outside is therefore prohibited, with the exception of once per week.
  • Employees also have human rights and they have the right to leave us whenever they want. Each individual is responsible for his own affairs and cannot demand them from others (even servants).
  • Lunch and dinner are served for everyone at the same time, and the latecomer will bring his own food!
  • When people come together, it is natural for conflict and differences of opinion to arise, and for this, we must learn to compromise, negotiate politely, resort to voting, and be satisfied with the final decision.
  • Remember that parents don’t differentiate between their children, but children’s actions and their behavior limit their respect for parents, forcing them to treat each person differently (and by the way, that’s what comes later). All people will do with you).
  • Finally, no one can stay at home after graduating from high school: the successful one enters university, the outstanding one gets a scholarship, the unsuccessful one looks for a job, and the girls find a groom!

Under these rules,

I have placed a small box in which I have written the punishments that affect those who violate them, and they are as follows.


Write previous instructions in handwriting so that you remember them well every time they come up.


Deduction from allowance (at the discretion of parents).

Deprivation of your favorite device (computer, iPad, mobile phone).

Stay in his room or turn off the power. Not leaving the house for several days.

As I said before,

What is important here is the idea that it can be changed. Change the same items according to each family’s situation.

Take what I’m saying and hang your instructions in your kids’ rooms, or at least cut out this article and hang it in front of them. Just documenting and writing it down makes it clear in their minds. And turn it into a reference that comforts you and them. The trouble of repeating these instructions daily is saved.

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