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Mothers, sisters, and daughters are attracted.

When the husband starts going to work in the morning, the wife should leave all her work for 5 minutes.
She should leave her husband at the door and send her prayers with a regular smiling face. These things are not found in our society.

Here it is the opposite.

My spoils are wrapped up, I will come to urge them, and I need to cook, I will send tomatoes, and come domestic early in the evening, we have to go to my aunt’s house.
Apart from this, when the spouse takes off, the spouse is either active in the kitchen, making breakfast, washing the dishes, making the bed, or looking after the children, which suggests she is active with other family chores and does this imperative work.

Earlier women used to follow this regularly.

Mothers, sisters, and daughters are attracted.

When their husbands went to work, they used to send them to the door, but since we have come to the new and modern era, these bras seem useless to us, and when things are bad. Sometimes we cry that our husband has moved away from us, he has started living outside.

He has started taking an interest outside, he comes home late, etc., the reason is that we are living formal lives away from the actions, the bus is running, let it run, the name of the vehicle is car. I say get out of these formalities, new age, modern life, and fashionable ways and make life beautiful by adopting the ways of your elders.

Therefore, make a firm decision.

Especially the mothers and sisters of the Daughters of Islam group, that when the husband starts to go to work, walk with him and leave him at the door, leave him with a smiling face and say prayers, reach the door, and give peace. Say, Allah, say for the protection of Allah, that my safety is now in the hands of Allah.

A woman who, while saying goodbye to her husband,

Mothers, sisters, and daughters are attracted.

Believes in Allah and says fi Aman Allah, and Allah protects her husband. Her husband is protected from external filth, and filth, myths. And the reason is that the wife always allows her husband in prayers.
With this action of the wife, the husband will be protected, besides, the affairs of the husband will go well throughout the day.
It is obvious that if the wife leaves her husband in a pleasant mood, praying with a loving tone, then 100% of its effects will be on the husband’s work, he will do office work with a smile on his face, meet people with a smile and on his return. A smiling face will bring home. Believe me, this small action will prove immensely beneficial in your life.

And if you send your husband away while fighting, quarreling, and swearing,

It is as if you have sunk the husband’s entire day, now he will also make mistakes in his work, fight with people, and come home in the evening with a swollen face. will bring them the same quarrels and fights.

Mothers, sisters, and daughters are attracted.


Therefore, make a firm decision that I will leave my husband at the door every day while going to work, I will leave my husband with a smiling face and prayers.
This small action will bring big changes in life, In Sha Allah.

What is the significance of leaving your husband at the door before he goes to work?

Leaving your husband at the door symbolizes a gesture of love, support, and connection. It signifies the importance of acknowledging and honoring your spouse’s departure with warmth and positivity.

Why is it important to send prayers and positive energy to your husband as he leaves for work?

Sending prayers and positive energy to your husband fosters a sense of protection, blessings, and encouragement. It helps create a conducive atmosphere for success and positivity throughout the day.

How does the tradition of bidding farewell to your husband contribute to a stronger relationship?

Bidding farewell to your husband reinforces emotional connection, mutual respect, and appreciation in the relationship. It strengthens the bond between partners and promotes a supportive and loving environment.

What impact does a wife’s attitude and demeanor have on her husband’s day at work?

A wife’s positive attitude and demeanor uplift her husband’s mood and mindset for the day ahead. It influences his interactions, productivity, and overall well-being in the workplace.

Why is it suggested to maintain a pleasant and loving tone while saying goodbye to your husband?

Maintaining a pleasant and loving tone fosters emotional warmth, understanding, and harmony in the relationship. It sets a positive tone for the day and reinforces mutual affection.

How can bidding farewell to your husband in a positive manner improve communication and understanding in the relationship?

Positively bidding farewell enhances communication by fostering open-heartedness and receptivity between partners. It encourages dialogue, empathy, and mutual support.

What are the potential consequences of sending your husband off with negative emotions and arguments?

Sending off your husband with negative emotions and arguments can create tension, resentment, and disconnection in the relationship. It may lead to misunderstandings and strain the emotional bond between partners.

What role do faith and belief play in the practice of bidding farewell to your husband?

Faith and belief instill a sense of trust, protection, and divine guidance in the relationship. It strengthens the spiritual connection between partners and reinforces their commitment to each other.

How can incorporating this simple ritual into daily life benefit both partners in the marriage?

Incorporating this ritual fosters emotional intimacy, mutual respect, and emotional well-being for both partners. It cultivates a culture of love, support, and positivity in the marriage.

What steps can individuals take to ensure they prioritize positive interactions and expressions of affection in their relationships?

Individuals can prioritize positive interactions by practicing gratitude, active listening, and acts of kindness. They can also communicate openly, express appreciation, and prioritize quality time together.

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