Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

In a world where societal norms and cultural biases often undervalue daughters, it’s imperative to recognize their intrinsic worth and profound impact on our lives. Through a poignant narrative, the story of Hazrat Malik bin Dinar sheds light on the profound bond between a father and his daughter, challenging misconceptions and emphasizing the invaluable role daughters play in our lives.

He was a Muslim but he was a rebel of Allah, spilling jam after jam throughout the night and then staying drunk on it throughout the day was probably the purpose of his life.

He had a great blessing, a young daughter. It was as if she had a life in this girl. He used to be drunk and his daughter used to snatch the glass from him.

God knows what God is doing,

Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

This girl died at a young age and this person’s world became dark, she who was a deterrent also left, and now this camel is helpless.

During this period, one night he slept full of drunkenness, he dreamed that the end of the day had been established and the soul was the master of the soul. , Seeing this scene, a terror struck him and he started running blindly.
A white-haired old man in a white dress appeared ahead. Seeing him, some of the sinner’s clothes were tied and he presented his plea to them. He became the epitome of elderly helplessness.

And they said, “Child, I am exceptionally powerless and this one is exceptionally solid,

I am not sufficient to halt it, but run absent so that there may be somebody ahead of you who will cry for you.”someone ahead of you who will cry for you.” It was starting to feel closer.
But he didn’t see any elude course and he was beyond any doubt that this winged serpent would come and assault him. In the interim, he saw the ancient man once more and had the same discussion with him once more and exhorted him to keep running.

Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

As he was falling, he climbed a slope, and while climbing up, he saw the frightening scenes of hell within the valley underneath, but the man was so anxious about the mythical serpent that he was around to drop into hell, but he did not care.
All of a sudden he heard the voice of someone yelling typically not one of those hells, he withdrew from the slope and saw the same huge man once more, and now that the discussion had taken put, he began crying that you simply had made me so frail that I I can’t drive away this snake, but there’s another slope before me, climb it, perhaps you have got a few believe there and it’ll allow you work nowadays.

This person climbed this hill. It was a round hill in which small gold and silver beautiful niches were made. Someone raised a voice saying that this person did not have any trust here. As soon as they heard this, the windows started opening, and children like the moon started coming out.

Meanwhile, someone shouted, “Hurry up, that snake has come very close.”

Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

Before long as they listened to this, the children began coming out of these windows in droves. Among them was his two-year-old girl who wrapped her arms around her father and chased absent the huge wind with her hands.

Then this daughter of his sat on his lap and started caressing her father’s beard and it was like this
Hasn’t the time come for the hearts of the believers to fear the remembrance of Allah?

Hearing this, this person started crying and then inquired about the dragon and the old man who they were. The daughter said that those snakes were your bad deeds which almost made you fall into hell and those elders were your good deeds which became so weak that they were not able to save you from that snake.

This person woke up from his dream and repented to Allah Almighty and was counted among the saints of Allah of his time.

Daughters are not a burden but a pride.

Do you know who they were?

This was Hazrat Malik bin Dinar (may Allah have mercy on him). His daughter was indeed a source of pride for him.

The tale of Hazrat Malik bin Dinar and his daughter serves as a powerful reminder that daughters are not burdens to be endured but treasures to be cherished. Their presence illuminates our lives with love, compassion, and unwavering support. As we navigate the complexities of existence, let us celebrate the daughters among us, recognizing their inherent dignity and immeasurable contributions to our families and communities.

1. How does the story of Hazrat Malik bin Dinar resonate with contemporary issues?

The story of Hazrat Malik bin Dinar underscores the timeless significance of valuing daughters and recognizing their worth beyond societal expectations. It challenges prevailing attitudes that perpetuate gender biases and advocates for a paradigm shift towards embracing daughters as sources of pride and blessings.

2. What lessons can we learn from Hazrat Malik bin Dinar’s journey?

Hazrat Malik bin Dinar’s journey highlights the transformative power of repentance, redemption, and the profound influence of familial relationships. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing one’s shortcomings, seeking forgiveness, and nurturing positive connections with loved ones, especially daughters.

3. How can we promote the empowerment of daughters in our communities?

Empowering daughters requires dismantling entrenched patriarchal norms, advocating for gender equality, and fostering environments that prioritize girls’ education, autonomy, and agency. By promoting inclusive policies, challenging discriminatory practices, and amplifying the voices of daughters, we can create a more equitable and just society.

4. What role do fathers play in shaping perceptions of daughters?

Fathers play a pivotal role in shaping the perceptions of daughters by fostering environments of love, respect, and support. Through positive affirmations, active engagement, and meaningful interactions, fathers can instill confidence, resilience, and a sense of worth in their daughters, nurturing their potential to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

5. How can stories like Hazrat Malik bin Dinar’s inspire positive change?

Stories like Hazrat Malik bin Dinar’s serve as powerful catalysts for reflection, dialogue, and action. By sharing narratives that celebrate the inherent value of daughters and challenge societal norms, we can inspire individuals and communities to embrace diversity, cultivate empathy, and champion the rights and dignity of daughters everywhere.

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